What is AITOOL?
AITOOL is an established United Kingdom fund management company.
Are you a registered company?
Yes! we are a duly registered UK company with registration.
How can i register in your company?
Simply click the registration link and completely filled the form to create your account.
I forgot my password what can i do?
Simply click on the login button and use the forgot password link to recover and reset your account.
How can i update my account details, payment processor and email address?
Login on your account and browse the setting page to make an update on your account details.
Do you pay daily?
Yes, All interest are paid DAILY everyday
What payment processor do you accept?
We only accept GK CASH.
What is the minimum deposit/investment?
Investments start at $500 USD.
I made a deposit but its not showing on my account.
Contact our support via this email: [email protected]
Can i have more than one deposit?
Yes, you can have as many active deposit as you want.
What price do you use for GK CASH?
We use price for GK CASH, when you deposit or withdraw.
May I create a deposit from my account balance?
Yes, Deposit via account balance is available.
I have missing deposit what can i do?
In the event you experience missing deposit, simply contact us and we will investigate your issues.
Do you have any limits for an investment amount?
Yes, the maximum are set $100,000 per active investment.
How can I withdraw funds?
Login to your account using your username and password and check the Withdraw section.
How fast will my withdrawal be processed?
All withdrawals are processed INSTANTLY but please allow upto 6 to 36 hours in some rare cases when instant payment failed to processed instantly.
What is the minimum withdrawal?
$20 is minimum to withdraw
What is the maximum sum for withdrawal?
There's no maximum or limit on withdrawals.
Do you charge hidden fees for withdrawal?
No, we don't have any hidden fees.
Should I have an active deposit to participate in the Referral program?
No,it is not necessary.
Do i earn referral commission from investment using account balance?
No, Only fresh deposit will earn referral commission.

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